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Shiatsu (Shiatsu Chair Massage) Benefits

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu translates from Japanese as "Finger Pressure" and it is the practice of applying soft and strong pressures on specific reflex points of the body (also known as energy meridians) - to bring relief to the client. On a physical level this technique can aid in the elimination of stress, relieve muscle and joint pain, enhance muscle flexibility and stimulate blood, and lymphatic flow throughout the body. On an energetic level it can be useful in restoring balance. It is a a therapeutic, preventive and relaxing form of body care.

What can you expect in a shiatsu massage with me?

I personally practice shiatsu on a massage chair (and occasionally on a mat). Performed without oils, as the client remains dressed at all times. Pressure is applied directly on skin or over light clothing, focusing on the meridians and acupressure points under the skin or in muscles. The intensity of the pressure is tailored to the client’s needs and can occasionally be painful or tender but not to the point of injury.

I trained in Shiatsu chair massage in 2017 at Tao Shiatsu Montreal, a member of International Tao Shiatsu Society.


Love to #relax? Good news!

You can bring along your favourite massage therapist to your next big event (#vacation #conference #wedding #graduation).

I am available for mobile chair massage at special events, showcases and conferences.

Inquire or send me details on the contact page.

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