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Be good to yourself this year!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

In recent years we've all been shaking off isolation, stress, anxiety, and frustration, and very much need to be touched!

As we focus on health, and wellness moving forward; I want to encourage everyone to be gentle and good to themselves.

We're grieving and adjusting to a lot of change.

I am working to keep massage therapy as accessible, safe, and available for as many people as possible in the coming years.

With that, you have two ongoing commitments from me:

1. Accessible bodywork & massage

I will regularly post promotions and ways to make massage a bit more affordable for those who don't have extended or private health insurance that covers massage therapy. I want to do this because I think it is an important part of complementary and supportive health care to have access to therapeutic touch. Especially now, I know everyone has been feeling the pinch and financial uncertainty. Yet I also understand how fundamentally helpful massage and bodywork can be for calming, relieving tension, and helping us recover faster from difficult physical and emotional circumstances. Check my resources pages often for news on the latest promotions, discounts, and offerings!

2. Asepsis

I was committed to asepsis and infection control in my massage practice long before the pandemic struck but recent years have driven home how important it is to me to offer safe care. I will continue to scour the world for best practices and the latest health research to keep your access to massage as safe as possible. I've written more about hygiene and the steps I have been taking to prevent Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses in this post, as well as shared the list of cleaning and disinfecting products I use in this post here. I am taking all the necessary steps to ensure my own health and safety.

Special thank you to and shout out to all my returning clients who have been very patient with and stayed with me through all my policy changes, new procedures, and forms while I've adjusted myself to ever-changing pandemic realities. Be well all!

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