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How Do You Give The Gift of Massage? Gift Certificates!

Updated: Nov 20

Printed and digital massage gift certificates are now available!

The gift of massage is perfect for the parent who is hard to find a gift for, the friend or loved one who could really use some downtime. As a birthday present for the new mother who needs some tender loving care, or anyone you care about who could benefit from massage therapy. Gift peaceful experiences any time of the year!

Gift certificates can be purchased in person or online at any time, for any occasion. Just let us know if you would prefer a card and envelope gift certificate or if the digital certificate will suffice. Digital Gift certificates are sent to the recipient's email and we have a record of their gift certificate as a reference for when the lucky receiver makes an appointment.

Massage gift certificate example of printed certificate 2023

Gift certificates are good for one calendar year from the date of purchase. After expiration, it is at the therapist's discretion whether or not to honor an expired gift certificate. We will follow up with recipients with a reminder.

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