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Benefits of Prenatal Massage: How Massage Therapy Can Help During Pregnancy

Updated: Apr 11

Also known as Prenatal Massage is an adapted massage designed to safely nurture, relax and support the expecting mother through the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy.

While carrying a baby can be a very exciting time, it can also bring about quite a physical, emotional, spiritual transformation! Elation, fear, anxiety, bliss, anger, physical discomfort, rollercoaster emotions, nausea and cravings are just some of the challenges of pregnancy.

I am here to help support your body in reducing some of the discomfort and stress associated with these transitions. Give you some time to process and feel everything.

A prenatal massage is a soothing way to enjoy some nurturing relaxation time, where you can drift away from your worries, pains and concerns and just reconnect with the life-force within. Prenatal massage can give you some comforting rest for aching joints and relieve some of the physical and emotional strain you may be experiencing. I will be able to give you some tips for resting better and caring for yourself more deeply as the pregnancy progresses.

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