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Benefits of Kinetic Swedish Massage

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Kinetic Swedish Massage* is an oil based massage modality that can be applied for both relaxation and therapeutic purposes.

In therapeutic massage, Kinetic Swedish is fantastic for increasing range of motion of joints and limbs. It stimulates circulation, decongests tissues, and promotes increased oxygen supply and nutrients moving into the skin, muscular, and connective tissue of the area being massaged. It can be both invigorating and calming, stimulating alertness and intellectual awareness.

In a relaxation massage, where the strokes are slow, firm and sustained it can facilitate the lowering of blood pressure, and heart rate while increasing feelings of well-being and calm. Relaxing the mind and body while promoting rest and restoration. This type of massage can contribute to a reduction in the degree of anxiety and depression one is experiencing, as well as inhibit the sympathetic nervous system response.

Some tips and what you can expect from this type of massage:

You will be covered throughout the massage by linens, and only the area to be massaged will be uncovered at any given moment to protect your privacy. A non-staining oil will be applied to the skin. Warmth and aromatherapy can be included in your experience. The techniques are best applied to clean unbroken skin. Hot baths, dry or wet saunas before the massage can support a deeper relaxation experience.

*Kinetic Swedish Massage is a trademarked set of maneuvers by the Kine-Concept Institute where I was trained and certified.

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