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Benefits of Aromatherapy & It's Application In My Practice

Updated: May 24, 2020

What is aromatherapy?

The thoughtful application of and strategic use of essential oils (aromatic plant extracts) to enhance physical and emotional health. Utilized through sense of smell and skin absorption (diffused, applied topically in body creams, lotions and oils, hot / cold compresses, in bathing salts or inhaling etc.), aromatherapy can be a pleasant and complimentary addition to other forms of bodywork and massage.

What is aromatherapy good for?

Our sense of smell is deeply linked to our memory and cognition. Scents can trigger memories throughout our life or bring in new powerful associations in the present, as well as help shift our internal awareness and emotional states.

What are some of the essential oils I generally use and why?

Lavender - has a calming and relaxing effect on the senses. Useful in healing burns and minor skin irritations.

Mint - has a refreshing effect and can increase a sense of alertness and vitality.

Serenity Blend* - is a doTERRA essential oil blend that is very much 'serenity in a bottle'.

Balance Blend* - another doTERRA essential oil blend, used for balancing, grounding and heightening a sense of well-being and tranquility.

Rosemary - calming yet, can increase a sense of heightened awareness and memory.

Grapefruit - has a very 'joyful' smell that tends to lift moods.

Tea Tree oil - is strong anti-fungal, cleansing and skin healing essential oil.

Frankincense - is one of the most medicinal, spiritually significant and important essential oils on earth. It's properties and uses have been written about for thousands of years. Can be used to anoint the head.

Eucalyptus - cleansing and fresh, eucalyptus encourages deeper breathing.

  • Please note that although I will not apply essential oils during your massage unless you expressly ask for them or I ask you first, I cannot guarantee a scent-free therapeutic space. I understand some people have allergies and scent sensitivities, and I will do the utmost to ensure a safe and allergen-free space. However, I need to be informed about scent sensitivity and any specific allergies you may have before your appointment in order to prepare.

Would you like to add aromatherapy to your massage experience?

Just ask! Or add it as an add-on when booking your next relaxation or therapeutic massage session. Out of consideration for clients with allergies and scent sensitivity, I only use aromatherapy when requested and use a small amount of high quality therapeutic grade lavender diffused and in my massage oil (for its skin healing benefits).

Aromatherapy, hot towels, candles and hot stones
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