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Open Centre Community Support 


What we can offer:

  • confidential support from a skilled helper with professional training

  • someone who will listen, someone to vent to, someone to help you stay calm, someone to help you make a plan

  • tools and strategies for managing stress and emotions

  • information, resources, and referrals


We cannot offer:

  • psychotherapy, long term counselling, or assessment or treatment of mental health issues.

  • emergency, on-call, or 24/7 support

Our focus is on supporting you with meeting your short term goals and needs (e.g. Getting through this difficult time, what’s the biggest challenge for you today/this week) as opposed to addressing deeper patterns of behaviour or longer-term goals and needs. Those with needs beyond the scope of this service are welcome to contact members of our team directly as many are still offering their regular range of services.


Broadly speaking, our team shares values such as a social justice orientation and sensitivity to diverse needs (e.g. histories of trauma, queer, non-binary, trans, kink, poly, sex work, ability/disability, racial/cultural identity). 


We will match you with a professional primarily according to availability and we will accommodate particular requests where possible.

To request support, please fill out the information below and we will contact you shortly.

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